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The Irish Folk Club Munich is celebrating its 

28th. anniversary in 2016

Is that old? For a Folk Club, it is indeed. People get older and their tastes and priorities change. Young people lose interest in the idea of “handmade music” preferring the ease of a quick audio- visual download to the idea of traipsing down to a folk club to sit and watch the artists display their finely honed craft live on stage. However, the latter idea has been the driving force behind the Irish Folk Club Munich.


It was 28 years ago, when Alison Moffat and Frank McLynn first booked artists for the club, then based in the Max-Emanuel-Bräuerei in Adalbertstr. in Munich’s Schwabing. We never thought that we would be able to generate enough interest in live traditional music, song and theatre from Ireland, Britain and Mainland Europe to fill a kitchen, let alone a theatre. But we filled venues and people appreciated what we were doing. They loyally followed us from the “Max” to the “Theater im Fraunhofer “,  Fraunhoferstr. 9a, where we turned Monday nights into calendar fixtures that were missed at the audience’s peril. People appreciated the idea of watching and listening to world -renowned artists in the ambience of one of Munich’s oldest theatres.


Over the years a distinguished array of first class-artists have graced our stage as guests, and we fondly look back on nights with musicians like Tim Edey, Frankie Gavin, Andy Irvine, Sean Keane, Paul Daly, Dick Gaughan, Kieran Halpin, Jackie Daly, Tony MacMahon, Eileen Ivers, Chris O'Neill (R.I.P.), Micho Russell (R.I.P.), Susan McKeown, Gilles Le Bigot, Tony Macmahon, Mick Hanly, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting, Gino Lupari, John Campbell (R.I.P.) & Len Graham, Alan Doherty, Blackie O'Connell, Paul Wyett, Sean Tyrell, TonyMcManus, Matt Cranitch, Kevin Crawford, Fintan Vallely, Benny McCarthy, Greensleeves, Pete Morton, Gerry (fiddle) O'Connor, Damien Mullane, Alan Burke, Brian Flynn, Paddy Keenan, Gerry (banjo)O'Connor, Kathryn Tickell & Jez Lowe.  Bands such as Blowzabella, Chanting House, Four Men and A Dog, Vishtèn, The Late Night Band, The Rambling Boys of Pleasure, Altan, The Carrivick Sisters, Cardboard Fox,  Show of Hands, and DeDanann alternated with nights of storytelling from Len Graham and John Campbell while keepers of the tradition Liam Weldon and Micho Russell shared the club stage with writers, playwrights and actors  Desmond Egan, Terry McDonagh and Ulick O’Connor and Chris O’Neill.

This is only short very incomplete list of the artists/bands who have graced our stage.


Today, the Irish Folk Club (which is, was and always will be a non-profit making gathering of music loving friends)  exclusively presents selected traditional artists at our Monday night gatherings at

Irish Folk Club Munich im Stemmerhof 

Why not drop by and enjoy some of the legendary guests dropping by in 2016 and beyond.

You won’t regret it.

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Wir veranstalten in erster Linie akustische Musik der ruhigeren Art (also zum Zuhören, nicht Abrocken) und bevorzugen „tradition bearers“ – also Musiker, die in ihrer eigenen Tradition verwurzelt sind, sie leben, schützen und weiterführen.


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